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Nev Taylor
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19 August 2016 12:41

I was recently asked to trial and review Saal Digital Photobook.
I loaded some of my portfolio pictures onto it and these can be seen at :-…

I was really impressed with the service and quality of images produced by Saal and would have no hesitation in recommending them. They also provide prints, calendars,canvases etc. in many formats.

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Where to start ?? I've never constructed a blog before and knowing where to start, what to include, who it should be targeted at and how frequently should it be updated are all questions that I need to tackle. So please bear with me, hopefully one day it will all make sense but it will be an interesting ride getting there !

The Photo Gallery side of things will gradually grow in categories, galleries and content, so I'm hoping that will be an easier on-going task.

For starters the blog will be aimed at family and friends but if by chance anyone else finds it remotely interesting - so much the better !

Hopefully the blog section of this site will serve as a vehicle to exhibit the kind of photos or 'snaps' that may not necessarily of a technical high standard but will provide a view of places I've lived and places I've visited, older archived photos and a miscellaneous oddball collection - all of which are of particular interest to me personally but which may possibly be of interest to you too !


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